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When It comes to my natural hair Journey, the questions are usually endless. I get asked quiet often to explain my personal regimen or to help build theirs. In either cases the results are usually the same, with maybe a few different products and or techniques here and there. So rather than trying to re-write my regimen every time I am asked I  decided to placed It right here so that It’s more accessible for everyone so with that said here we go.


imagesDisclaimer: (Please keep In mind that this my Personal” Natural Hair Journey Regimen. While this regimen works with and for my hair some or all of said products may not work the same with and for your hair. Although our tresses might seem similar In texture and patterns, no “Two” strands are the same, which at times  will require “Different” products, and or regimen.


OK, keep In mind i am 3-years relaxer free as of March 26, 2016 and looking forward to celebrating my 3- years  big chop anniversary December 8, 2016. Keep In mind also, If you have been on your personal HHJ for sometime, your regimen will change somewhat, Its either we are adding new products or discontinuing products. July 2016, here I am little over three years relaxer free and I am well on my way to truly enjoying my NHJ In all her (Ariana) Glory. For the first year and a half I was washing my hair “every week” this was not open for discussion, I can tell you that things and time have changed and that weekly washing went down the drain like the last shampoo I rinsed out, lol. In other words I have become a “Lazy Natural”  where i went from my weekly regimen to bi-weekly sometimes longer, but I am going to give you my regimen nevertheless as It as worked for me then and Is still working rather amazingly thus far.


If you are looking for a quick regimen fix, I don’t know one. I only know the long version that has been working for me. Building your healthy hair regimen takes time and patients Its all about “testing/trying” products to see what works well with your tresses. Once you’ve accomplished that, then you move Into building from the ground up.


Building Your Healthy Hair Regimen Phase 1

2- Shampoo’s: I work with 2-specific shampoo’s  to date. Let me explain, I have one clarifying and one regular shampoo this for me Is a must when It comes to building my regimen, and again It have been working for me.


2281362Why a clarifying Shampoo: although I am not an advocate co-washer I do believe that clarifying your strands and scalp once per month Is an essential part of your HHJ. The clarifying shampoo is designed to remove “all or most” of the “Product build-up” that the regular shampoo or co-wash leaves on your scalp and strands. Some clarifying shampoo’s can be very stripping, so I tend to only use the “Jamaican Black Castor Oil” brand as It gets the job done without stripping my strands. This is an added bonus for me.





SBS-475101The next shampoo Is what I tend to call “Regular” moisturizing shampoo. This shampoo I use biweekly as its sulfate free and It cleanse my strands and scalp. I am not an advocate on “curly girl method” where I would tell you don’t use this product because of……., remember my hair might be able to tolerate a low amount of sulfate when on the other hands your strands cannot. Its all about trial and error. (Feel free to choose any moisturizing shampoo that works well with your tresses)





Building Phase 2 : Deep Treatment Masques

2281364Deep conditioning your hair Is one of the most vital part of your HHJ, I cannot stress enough Just how Important this phase Is. So many of us tend to skip this phase a few times, some all together. I always say DC represents the vitamins my strands needs into order to produce fruitfully. Every time I wash my hair I follow up with my treatment masque, think about It this way. The shampoo or co-wash you just used even though they might have been very  moisturizing they are  not design to penetrate your strands, they do their  jobs,  then gets washed down the drain, the same as the rinse out conditioners. Moving on to your detangler/stylers/leave-Ins depending  on what product(s) being used half of them sits on your strands, causing more build up than anything else, and worst off preventing moisture from penetrating your strands. So personally for me, the only reliable product that I can depend on other than a fee of my leave-In to thoroughly penetrate, hydrate and moisturize my strands are my treatment masques.

IntenseTreatmentMask Your treatment masque whether  store bought or DIY  are design to work effectively with “heat” from your steamer, hooded dryer, heating cap, or by simply using your shower cap and bonnet. The heat  activates the masque which In terns causes your cuticles to open for easy product  penetration. Your shampoo’s, co-washes, rinse out conditioners, stylers, detanglers and leave-In are not heat activated recommended. So therefore


Written by Tracey Christie
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