My Relaxer Days 1985-2013

Hello to all my beautiful sisters locally and Internationally, Thank you for stopping by to read and learn more about my personal Hair Journey. Lets begin, like many of us my first relaxer started at the age of thirteen, I was never one of those tender headed child or even as an adult so I never had any Issues with Irritated scalp or burns. (lucky me right:)….My mom took care of my hair the best way she knew how to up until I left home and then It was down hill from there. Like many of us I went through the weave phase, cutting and coloring stages with no regards or knowing what maintaining “healthy hair’ really meant. looking back I didn’t even know what a “deep conditioner” was trying to remember If my mom ever mention or did one smh. My hair went through the long and short stages, more short than long, until around 2011 when I decided to take matters Into my own hand and literally gave my hair over to my Dominican stylist who took my hair on a long and healthy hair Journey This was the first time I remember seeing my hair growing pass my shoulders.IMG_6471



Loving Me Naturally 2016




On this very day March 22, 2013 I decided That would be my very Last Relaxer Application


I can still remember my oldest daughter trying to convince me to stretch my relaxer applications from 4-6 weeks to  4-6 months the looks I gave her was unforgettable like huh? gurl bye watcha talkin bout.   I couldn’t  even allow the thought to enter my mind I was so set on making sure my hair stayed laid. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as “stretching relaxers”  I look forward to my touch ups. Nevertheless with her DAILY persistence I decided to give It a try and four months Into stretching, after washing my hair I began admiring my natural hair In all Its naked kinks, coils and curls. I was excited to finally get a glimpse of my natural hair, I could not  believe that my natural hair was so beautiful,  It as love at first sight along with the  hands In the head syndrome.  






The day I met my Natural Tresses Twas Love at First Sight

Twas at this very moment I decided to end stretching my relaxer and began transitioning my hair back to It natural state, a natural I did not know  grew out of my scalp,  a state that was unique curly, coily and kinky a state was was MINE, a state I was ready to embrace. So the Journey began, my goal was to transition from relaxer to natural over a period of two years, I had grown attached to my long relax hair,  and wasn’t ready to part with It.



Eight months Into Transitioning I was over It and ready to Big Chop Grrrrrrrr

Eights months In after my spontaneous trip to the salon I parted with  approximately 4-5 Inches of my relax hair,  I was way over the transitioning process. It was a love hate relationship between my hair and I the struggle was definitely REAL  wash day oh how I hated wash day. I was beginning to rethink my original two year transition plan, there was no way I was going to survive that long, I Just couldn’t,  the shedding and tangling was driving me crazy and I just wanted to end It so I can embrace my natural hair. 





Nine months came way before my two year goal so I Big Chop

I woke up Sunday morning December 8, 2013 nine months Into transitioning I  decided that was It, I had enough of transitioning and wanted to see what was sprouting out under those relax ends. It couldn’t have gotten anymore spontaneous than that morning. I knew that day was THE DAY the moment my eyes opened up. so i gather together my camera, water bottle, scissors and began cutting my relaxer hair off. It was the most anticipated liberated feeling I have ever felt. It was a sense of Freedom, endearing and empowering all at the same darn time. “I FELT FREE”  I played round In my hair for a bit before I headed for the shower, I could see my reflection staring back at me In the mirror but It hadn’t hit me full force yet that I was rocking my natural hair and It was wayyyy shorter that my BSL relax hair. This was the beginning of something New, and Frightening, I couldn’t wait to part with my relax hair, now WHAT!! I didn’t plan for the What Next phase, I didn’t know anything about taking care of my natural hair, I was completely natural and clueless. So the next chapter Into my Journey began…..


Twas the beginning of my #Twa Chapter

My hair was growing out pretty quickly than I anticipated, I was now able to do some chunky twist which was a far stretch from when I big chop months ago. I still wasn’t sure what I was doing with my hair, so i Join the social media rather I enrolled Into YouTube University for big chop to natural hair. I remember spending tons of countless hours watching videos and taking notes as If i was literally In class and preparing for an exam. the more I watch the more confuse and frustrated I became, I had no clue that there was no many natural hair women globally and please lets not discuss the tons of different hair products reviews, demo and tutorial that plagued my mind. I would fall sound asleep on my computer countless days and nights. My eyes were beginning to dry out and burn like crazy, the pounding headaches  that send pulsating rings between my ears I was heading for an unknown world, one that knew absolutely nothing about, a world If  you are not careful you will find yourself totally lost and regretted the very day you decided to transition…………..Lets Continue Shall We!!!


My first ever twist out on my natural hair, I was learning how to make do with my short hair after all. Yes It took some time getting used to and  I kept an open mind as well. Preparing myself always for the unknown and or the days when I just wont get It right and believe me I had quiet a few of those unwanted days during this phase of my hair Journey more than I bargained for but still I pressed On……….. image3 (2)


Twas Easter 2014 and I decided to wear my Afro puff  In public, I got quiet a few stares not sure If they liked my side flower or It was just my hair but I didn’t really care at this point, I was going to rock my hair anywhere  and anytime I  pleased.IMG_6469


Two years Later and Here We are……..



Who’d have thought I would be here today celebrating my two year Big Chop Anniversary, no sah not after all the ups and down I experienced, not after all the head turns, quick stares,  and yes name callings to my face.   Lots  of my friends thought I would have cracked under the pressure But I was determine to beat the ads and proved many of the name callers wrong. Yes Boo I survived, me Tracey the same “nappy head” “dry Head” “girl do something with your hair please” I overcame and here I am today with absolutely NO regrets In transitioning and embracing my Natural Tresses. I am not going to sit here and pretend It was an easy road, It was far from It but I couldn’t give up I had to do It for ME and for my Daughters. To hell with what everyone else was saying, yes at times those words pierced my very soul, but I pressed on I didn’t allow It to fester Into something that would make me loose control I had to stay focus and I did. and today December 8, 2015 I can say I AM NATURAL
IMG_6450  IMG_3753IMG_6409