Yea Tho I walked “THROUGH” The Valley Of  The Shadow Of Death I Will “Fear” No Evil

The lord knows our downfalls,  as well as  our short comings  the Lord  knows our thoughts even before they enter our hearts so please don’t ever be afraid  to call on His name, I promise   He will see you through. I know sometimes our past memories,  and or mistakes tends to somehow cloud our Judgments,  and yes sometimes life gets In the way, Its easier said than done  to Just “keep moving” but you have to for your own good, and the good of others.  The minute  you slow down long enough to get distracted, will be   the minute you take your eyes and heart off the Lord,  which will cause you to  loose focus and suddenly life will  become a total blurr.

It Is true when God says He   will not give us more than we can bear, It Is hard to believe but Its true. Have you ever compared your situations or circumstances to someone else,  and suddenly forget about your situation  and start feeling sad for others? yes It’s that serious, now I am not saying that what you have dealt with, experience or currently facing Is not serious all I am saying Is sometimes we  need to refocus and reflect on someone else Just for  a second to shed light on what we are facing, and to know that we are not alone. There Is  always someone else who Is going through, or have gone through  far worst than what we are facing or have faced.

I know many of us have experienced some horrible things In our lives, things that should have wiped us off the planet, things that should have gotten us locked up for life, things that should have had us detained In a mental hospital BUT God He see and knows all,  He sits high and looks low and no matter what you have faced or are  currently facing God can and will fix It. (Let the church say Amen) #FixItJesus Give It to Jesus, Your Healer, Your Deliverer, Your Restorer,  Your bridge over troubled water, Is there anything too hard for God.

Your “Valley Walk”  Is NOT For You…………. When I think of a valley I think of the  “Bonanza” with Michael London  I think of  “The Pondarosa”  wide open space, running water, mountains, green trees,  fresh mountain air, acres and acres of terrain to discover and uncover, somewhere far afar way with breathtaking landscape, birds, animals and lots of quiet out door places… But wait let me tell you about the “Spiritual Valley” one that many of us have  have been In, walked through,  survived and   like myself today   can testify, that no It wasn’t easy being down there but God. Some are heading Into that valley as we speak, others are In It, and others are walking through.   ask yourselves right now where I’m I?   n#KeepWalkingBoocwhorsesmles-confins-126Mountains-and-Valleys-1






Your Spiritual “Valley Walk”  Have your every found yourself literally being thrown head first Into a situation where you Just know  head on there  will be no way out? the kind of situation(s) that makes you want to call It quit, and  throw In the towel. Well you are definitely not alone you are among a few Individuals who have walked the walk,  and talk the talk.  There Is no test without a testimony you have to go through something(s) In life Its not Just walking on easy streets there are some stop signs, caution lights, rail roads tracks, speed bumps even a few pedestrians to direct the flow of traffic. In either cases count It all Joy and pray your way out. I know Its easier said than done, and yes I know how could God allow this to happen to you, Just remember the same God that has allowed or Is currently allowing things to break loose,  Is the same God that will put those loose ends back together.

If you have never experienced or gone through anything traumatic In LIFE then boo boo please take several seats when you find yourselves giving others  advice  how to keep their  heads above  high water, If you have never fell head first Into that deep dark lonely valley then you cannot speak life  Into a dead situation from  your pedestal look down. Your valley walk “was” NOT designed for you, I repeat  It was not designed for you, You are Just the vessel(s) that God has hand selected to carry out His mission. He choose you because He knew that despite your fussing and fighting, kicking and screaming you were  more than capable of carrying out the mission.

Many of us have experienced tragic situations In our lives, things that caused us to question God, and wonder If He didn’t care enough about us. Many of us have been raped, assaulted, molested, homeless, loss family members  or love one, domestic violence, mental breakdowns and the list goes on. These traumatic experiences  have left so many of us paralyze mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, disabling and preventing us from  living out our purposes.  These are all disabling circumstances that have  kept many of us In the valley for uncountable years,  months, days and weeks,  suffering and withering away not understanding  the things we have gone through or are currently going through. Despite everything this Journey Is not about us, It was never about us.


Don’t Stay In The Valley Walk On Through: Yea though I walk “Through” the valley of the shadow of death, and this Is literally what It feels like to most of us, a death trap with no way out. But there Is a light at the end of the valley walk, but you have to start walking towards It. The longer your sit and cry why me, the longer you stay put and blame God Is the longer your stay will be and the longer those who you went In for will have to suffer. I can speak about It freely now, but trust and believe  I was one of those who stayed In my valley for over twenty plus years not because I wanted to but because I didn’t know that This was apart of my ministry. I didn’t understand that God had  allowed my childhood pain to happen  for His Glory, I did not understand that  He was raising me me up to someday give my testimony and hope to others. This Is usually the last things on our minds when we are faced with tragic situations, when our backs are up against the walls, when the valley Is deep, dark and lonely who’s  really thinking about helping someone else!! Chile boo I know I wasn’t If anything I was angry and bitter for what I was going through. But God.

Your test Is your testimony, If you allow God to guide you through,  I promise you will come out Gold. You will come out a warrior and not wounded ready to do battle for the Lord. Throwing your hands up and giving up are the plans of the enemy, he knows what you went through, or are currently going through he has gotten Just a tiny glimpse of what we are caring on the Inside,  and It’s his Job to bring  us  to our “lowest” point In lives where he can end It  before It even begins. The devil Job Is to keep us  In that valley feeling sorry for yourselves, blaming yourselves, hating yourselves, feeling ashamed, dirty, guilty, abandon, rejected with a splash of self hatred aww and lets not forget condemnation he throws Just enough darts at us to keep us grounded In that valley with no hopes of getting out . BUT what the devil meant for our harm, my harm, your harm GOD has turn It around and will continue turning  It around for our GOOD. God will get the glory, but we have to stay focus and pray our way though. There are tons of people loosing their way and lives because we are hanging out In the valley way to long. It’s not a final destination with a one way ticket,  It’s  definitely not a place to call home,  It Is a temporary stop  that Is design to propelled me/you  Into our Ministry,  so walk on through your test.

Pray and ask God to give you the strength to endure your situation(s), pray for peace of mind, pray for healing, deliverance and restoration. Allow God to order your steps, stand up grab a  hold of His unchanging hands and start taking baby steps towards your freedom, towards your deliverance.  God will certainly give you sufficient Grace to walk on through, He did It for me and he will do the same for you. Even the times when you don’t feel like walking, Just walk. Remember you are the vessel being used to carry out God mission, don’t abort It before It’s completion.  Remind yourself  that  even through the heartaches and pain, the struggles and nightmares at the end of the Journey the mission was not  about you, yes I know It sounds Inconsiderate but It Is the truth.  Your  brothers and sisters  are desperately waiting for you to come up,  and out so that they can live, so that they can have hope to face their future, so that they can hear your testimony and see the goodness of God In the land of the living. They have to see that If God has allowed or Is  allowing you to go through that valley, and you didn’t die, you didn’t stay put, you DID NOT  give up and abort the mission, and you faith It through they have to see and know that  If God has done It for you, If he can heal, deliver and restore you from sexual abuse, domestic violence, attempted suicide, depression, self hatred, hopelessness, rape, homelessness etc If God did It for me/you then He will certainly do It for your brothers and sisters. But there Is one stipulation YOU HAVE TO PRAY IT THROUGH.


Finding Yourself and Your Strength.  God said before “I knew you  I ordained YOU”  we don’t  really know who we are until something happens out of the “norm” we don’t know what we are capable of doing,  our  Inner strength  or endurance limits  until we are faced with obstacles.  It’s In the midst of those obstacles that we somehow find out who we are In Christ.  It’s In the midst of those obstacles  when we are pushed to the wits ends,  and have to fight back to survive, It’s In the midst of those obstacles that  our endurance’s develop Into strength beyond our measures.  When we enter the valley believe me It Is never by choice,  but by God will and ordination for the betterment of us. usually we are  battered,  bruised, used and abused,  tormented by our pass and  or current situations. It’s In the valley  when we are alone and not distracted by life that God shows up, and shows Himself Mighty. The molding and refining process usually begins down In the valley, when God have us  all to himself, no distractions and no other help but from Him.  It’s a painful  and shameful process having to relive every waking minute of those nightmare, but God got you covered. He will mend your broken pieces, He will heal your wounds, He will wipe your tears, comfort your aching heart, He will silence the tormenting echoes, He will begin  stripping you of your old bloody, dirty, torn and distorted garments, He will placed upon you a NEW GARMENT OF PRAISE. No longer a victim, but a victor, no longer hanging your head In shame but holding your head high above the dark clouds that once distorted your visions, awww God will renew and restore what the locus wanted to consume. He will remove your chains,  and shackles no longer bound to guilt, shame  and condemnations. God God God, yes Lord I can feel your presence right now,  and I pray that you will show yourself Mighty to whomever took the time to read this Inspiration post. Show yourself Merciful  and Mighty to them Oh Lord, wrap your loving arms around them and give them peace that pass all understandings. Lord you have done It for me, a wretch like me I am certain you can and will do It for my sisters and brothers. #YesYouCanYOuDiDIDIt ForMeAndYouWillDoItForOthers.