Hello everyone and welcome to “BeauteNaturelle “ which translate In English “Natural Beauty”  my daughters and I  created this Brand as an addition to “Fro Frolicking Naturals” both are Individual Brands that carries their own weights, and have their unique Indentity, but tends to be  similar In  many ways. For now our goals are to continue  Building and Branding BOTH. #StayTuned  

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     I am In the middle of celebrating my three years  natural hair Journey  anniversary,  Its been an overwheling and frustrating Journey at times, but I am so happy I didn’t give up.  From my  transitioning to big chop experiences  I must say I have learn,  and grown a lot In these three years.  With that  I  believe  I  possess the experiences  to educate, motive and  Inspire  others on their Individual Journeys,  which I have been doing openly and willingly, It Is  a blessing to be able to  share my personal Journey  experiences with others.  A few moths ago  I began  experimenting with DIY body, and  hair butters, Infused oil blends and shampoo, throughout the process I have whipped up quiet a few different batches that  I have been using for quiet some time, have shared It with a few family members,  friends and co-workers which  I must say all gave me positive feedback and have also been encouraging me to share It with others.   I have been using the products personally and have also experienced and achieved  very positive results, repeatedly, but didn’t want to toot my own horn.    

     So from my personal Journey,  and experiences I birth  ” BeauteNaturelle”, BN is an all natural listed Ingredients product Brand  that caters to Individuals from head to toe naturally. All body,  hair butters,  Infused Oils Blend, and shampoo   are developed with you In mind. All   Ingredients are listed In order,  and are certified ‘Certified Organic, Raw, and or  Cold-press”   My goals are to  use the best  butters that are rich In vitamins for  your skin and hair, butters that are packed with healing and moisturizing properties, properties that will  combat dryness from head to toe,  styling butters that are grantee to help you achieve your  best styling with effective long lasting results.  I am currently working on   “BN”  various  social media outlets,  including the purchasing site, but for now I just wanted to share with you some of the things I am  currently working on behind the scenes .  I am super excited  to get started #STAYTUNE   


Here are some of the products that I am currently working on.  I am still playing around with different product names as I whip up different batches, depending on the products,  and fragrance(s) being used.



Paradise Whip Styling Butter Souffle


This was one of the very first product that I made,  my daughter had ran out of her staple twist butter and decided to give this whip butters souffle a try  and this was her results. Keep In mind that Individual  results will varies,  based on your  hair texture, patters, and styling techniques.


IMG_3275This is Kelly’s results from using the same product as Kelsey  used above, and from the looks of things she also was able to achieve an amazing twist out results.




Fluffy Body and Hair Mango Madness

This is the second batch that I whipped up think delicious, fluffy, and super moisturizing goodness for your skin and strands. Made with some of the richest organic butters,  and cold-press oils this combo Is packed with super hydrating and moisturizing properties for your daily skin and hair needs. Delicious from head to toes.







IMG_3080I get quiet a few request from family, and friends  and followers to create several different Infused  oil blends  that will  give results to their  scalp,  strands as well as those  stubborn body parts that tends to be a bit more dry than others. So I did Just that  and here you have It, the green one is Infused with some amazing blends for your scalp and strands Infused to combat thinning hair, dry itchy scalp, stimulate and promote hair growth. Great for daily scalp messages, hot oil treatments ans great additions to your weekly DC etc.,