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Greetings In the Mighty Name Of Jesus,  thank you  all for taking the time to navigate your way around amd through my blog page, and made It unto my “Bio”   Now that you are here,  for those of you who do not  know me personally or from my social media platforms let me use this opportunity to formally Introduce myself.

My name Is Tracey Christie, I was born on the beautiful Island  of Jamaica,   I  migrated to the united states at the  age of thirteen, with my dream of becoming a flight attendant.  Somewhere along  life Journey’s not sure what really happened, but  I lost my passion to peruse my dream of becoming a flight attendant. I spent the next few years trying  to figure out who I was,   what my passions and or hobbies were.  Life was moving right along whether I was ready or not,   and with that came experiences and traumatic events that I was not prepared for. As a results like many of us, due to default events  I began to draw closer and closer to having a personal relationship with God.  It was during this process that God began showing  me what my true calling was, what He created me  to do, the things  He has Imprinted In my DNA way before my parents met.IMG_2585

In 2008 I  Incorporated my non-Profit Domestic Violence Ministry, but that didn’t go too far, I got discouraged along the way, lost focus and gave up. By this time I knew my ministry  had something to do with  young girls,  and women who were once broken  and  those who are still  broken, but I wasn’t sure broken In what capacity.  The years went by, and I  kept on Ignoring my calling and ways to peruse my Ministry. I was too busy trying to figure out what my “passion and hobbies” were to focus on what I was called to do.  I couldn’t fathom  out of all the other women  around why was God so set on  using me to bring forth this Ministry. Why me Lord? what Is It about me that Is so different?   I see myself  Just like everyone  else, I would try to reason  with God on so many different levels It was ridiculous.  I am   not  good enough to be used by you.  I cant even see my way through my struggles, the daily thorns In my flesh, the day to day things  that I keep promising not to do,  and keep.  Lord  you  sure you  still want to use someone like ME!  and It never fails  His replies are always the same YES YOU, WHY NOT YOU.




In 2014, I was Inspired to create “Fro Frolicking Naturals LLC”  through  my Healthy Hair Journey  Experiences, and the vast amount of women that I was able to Inspire at such an enormous  levels. To many It may seem as Just another HHJ story, but to me It was more It was beginning to feel  as If  I was on a Mission leading towards  Ministry. I fell In love with the desires to support, motivate and Inspire so many of my beautiful sisters. Did you know that your Ministry, Passions and Hobbies can all be fun, new and exciting. Its ok to possess all three qualities and find room and ways to carry out and enjoy all three. God created us with “Talents and Gift”  as we grow we learn to develop those talents and gifts which often times evolve Into our Ministry and Passion to Peruse.    God minded me that My Gifts Will make ROOM, My Ministry was the same  as 2008, the only differences now Is that God has placed me strategically on a different platform.   From this platform God has enable me to share  my testimony with women locally,  and Internationally,  young girls and women who were broken,  and are  those who are being broken now. The Lord Is using  my HHJ  platform to put me In Place,  and In position with those who have  experienced much more than “Broken Strands” “Split Ends” and or “Dry Itchy Scalp” These young girls and  women are   seeking from me more than the average Healthy Hair Care Guide. I don’t usually broadcast my childhood experiences, but Just by being In their presences,  and through my social media platforms  they can tell that  I have  more to give than Just mere Hair Care Tips,  and they are not wasting anytime  In  making their personal  withdrawals  from what God has deposited Inside Me.  It’s funny how God will always have a come back, for your setbacks If you stay on course with him. No my life Is not perfect, no I don’t profess to be Holy than thou what I do profess and confess everyday Is that Jesus Is  my Lord and Savior,  and everyday His Grace abounds me I will give Him praise,  and Glory as If It’s my Last.

Fro frolicking Naturals LLC Is more than Just a T-Shirty Brand, It Is my Ministry birth from my childhood pain and struggles.  It Is designed with “Brokenness” In mind,  although  what I started In 2008 did not fully manifest,  God did not  withdrew what He had already deposited In me, or positioned me. “Delayed BUT not Denied”  “To everything under the sun there Is a Season” I was great then,  and I am even greater today,  so  despite of what I have experienced, or how I viewed myself God reminds me everyday that I am still  usable by Him. So here I am In 2016, ready to be led,  and used by God fully. It was not an easy decision for me, but after knowing what I went through,  and knowing  that God  had allowed It to get the Glory there Is no way I can remain selfish, and continue crying why me.  God has designed a brand new  Platform for me to stand on,  He has given me a new season and time, He has given me brand new wings to fly, He has blessed me with new visions, wisdom, knowledge and understanding. He made me over,  create  In me clean hands and pure heart. God has molded me Into  this Vessel I am today,  a Vessel filled with   Prayer,  Purpose, Plan,  Position.






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