Website logoAbout Fro Frolicking Naturals LLC: Fro Frolicking Naturals   Is a  Unique Brand /Ministry Set Aside To Compliment, Inspire, Educate, Empower, and Restore  Every Woman’s Inner Queen.  FFN Is   More Than Just another  T-Shirt Brand, or Health Care Tips One Stop Shop,  this Ministry was  Birth From  my childhood  Pain Turn Into  Praise. Which as  results  of God has position my feet on This  specific Platform To Share My Personal Experiences, Deliverance, Healing,  and Restoration  With My  Beautiful Sister Who are “Broken” Far Beyond Their Hair Strands.

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CEO/Founder Tracey Christie Tracey Will Be Participating In Various Advocacy Programs Locally to Share Her Testimony and To Help Build Back Those “Broken” Bridges. #ButGod #WontHeDoIt

Fro Frolicking Goals:   With The Direction Of God,  My  Goals are To   Effectively Demonstrate and Articulate What It Takes To “Build Brand and Expand” Your Own Business From The Ground Up and Watched It Blossom Into  The Vision and Ministry  That God Has Birth Inside You.  My  Main Focus Is My  Ministry and Helping My  Beautiful  Sisters To Go From “Brokenness” To “Boldness” Bold Enough To Confront Their Pain,  and Fears, That Has kept Them  Crippled,  and Living In Total Fear of Their Individual Freedoms.





1200631_origI can sit here all day and teach my sisters how to take care of their tresses, how to achieve happy healthy strands, I can post on my IG and you tube pages  all day showing you the best curl enhancing products to achieve the best twist out,  I can show you the   best products to stop dry Itchy scalp. But when all that Is said and done, and my sisters are looking fly on the outside they are literally and slowing dying on the Inside, dying  from years of pain  they have experienced In their pass,  and even today.  My desire with the help and guidance of God Is to help my sisters look and feel good on the Inside and out. A life time of pain and brokenness requires more than a temporary you tube tutorial or IG post, what God has deposited Into our DNA’s goes far beyond outside beautification. I am speaking about acknowledging  what has happen to us as dreadful and painful as It might have been,  and allowing God to mend our broken pieces. No amount of sulfate and parabean free products will fix Brokenness. What  I am willing to share with you  I will  guarantee will fix and mend every broken pieces and areas In your lives,  His name Is  JESUS.  We have come this far by faith sisters,  not by chance but by God Grace, and we still have a long way to go. Let us learn to help each other up along the way, #SistersKeepers so many of us are hurting today and we are so good at covering up those scares,  with the everyday gilts and glamour. There  are so much  more to us than what the physical eyes can see,  WE are ALL design with  Purposes,  Ministry, and a Plan which once we have acknowledge what or who caused our pain and brokenness and we are able to openly and freely  Forgive God will then begin to spiritually, mentally and physically  Position and user us unto our Individual  Calling/Ministry.  #WEareCreatedToWorship                                                                                                       ihave-testimony




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